Starting a home workout plan to get fit indoors

6 April 2020

This year certainly has had an interesting start and you may find yourself staring at the inside of four very familiar walls. As many around the world have discovered, this brings new opportunities to adapt and develop your own home workout plan… Thanks a lot COVID-19.

With gyms closing, group fitness classes suspended and outdoor regimes slowly dwindling let’s explore the first steps to get started training closer to home.

Get started

The first and hardest step, yet easily the most important is getting started. With all the time we’re spending indoors eating comfort food we need to start somewhere to develop a routine and fight fatigue. So no matter what exercise it is, how insignificant it may seem, do anything. 

A few ideas that can be done to own the morning and kickstart your day:

  • Run on the spot for 20 seconds
  • Go for a quick walk around the block
  • Stretch for a minute
Just remember, do anything. That’s the start of a successful routine.

A home bodyweight exercise plan by the legend himself (Arnold Schwarzenegger 

Last month Arnie shared his home workout program with the message of focusing on what we can control. When the Terminator talks we should listen. Especially when it comes to working out at home without equipment and using our own bodyweight.
Here’s what the silver haired  fox recommends as a basic home workout plan. Of course he realises that many of us are new to this so he’s quick to call out the importance working your way up and focusing on the technique (see the link below for photos).
For more information check out: or the original Reddit post by u/GovSchwarzenegger here.



Dips between chairs

Row between chairs


Bent-leg raises

Bent-over twists

Knee bends (squats)

Calf raises



25 reps

20 reps

30 reps

30 reps

25 reps

25 reps

25 reps

25 reps

10 reps


50 reps

50 reps

50 reps

100 reps

50 reps

50 reps

50-70 reps

50 reps

30 reps

Cheap but effective equipment for home training

There comes a time bodyweight training doesn’t cut it or we crave some variation. Aside from getting outdoors and going for a stroll (which I highly recommend), thats when equipment can help and you don’t need to spend a huge amount either. Well…excluding a good pair of wireless headphones to pump some solid tunes.

I’ve listed some affordable equipment and links to buy them below.

Resistance bands (<$20)

Resistance bands, especially the flat style are a great tool that can be adapted to your difficulty. Tied around household items they can add huge variation to your home training circuit and are extremely portable. Video to get you started:

Medium set of dumbbells (<$30)

Dumbbells are a staple in gyms and can be used in a ton of ways.

For some basics check out the Buff Dudes video (don’t worry the principles apply to ladies too!):